Arnob Guha


Arnob Guha is a sophomore from Montgomery, Alabama, studying Business and Political Science. Arnob was involved in MUN and debate through high school and is excited to continue MUN through college. Besides MUN, Arnob enjoys playing and listening to music, playing tennis, traveling, and trying new food.

Keaton Silver


Keaton Silver is a senior studying Political Science and Ethics. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, he chose Emory to get far away from the cold. He has been involved in Model UN since freshman year and was President of our Oxford College International Relations Association and then Emory’s head delegate this past fall. He has traveled across the circuit to Chomun, UPMUNC, NCSC, BarMUN, FLCS, and many more. His favorite memory was CDing the Dunder Mifflin committee during MUNE VII. In his free time, Keaton enjoys hanging out with his friends and learning fun outer space facts!

Matthew Berman

Chief of Staff

Matthew Berman is a junior Economics Major and has participated in Model United Nations all throughout high school and college. He grew up overseas and has lived in four European countries, so naturally international relations and Model UN have always been great passions. Additonally, he has an odd love of physics and history. Matthew is so excited to serve as the first ENMUNC Chief of Staff and is fully dedicated to making sure that the conference runs perfectly.

Sachi Madan

Under Secretary General of Media

Sachi Madan is a sophomore studying International Studies and Marketing. She has lived in five countries and currently lives in Seattle, WA. Sachi has been involved with MUN since the beginning of freshman year and is currently the Secretary of EIRA. She is also involved on Exec of Young Democrats of Emory, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and is an Orientation Leader. She enjoys brunch, baking, and travel adventures with her friends.

Wendy Aviles

Under Secretary General of Committees

Wendy Avilés is a junior from the Dominican Republic, studying International Studies and Linguistics. MUN became a lifestyle for her since the beginning of high school. At Emory, she served as the Chair of the China in the 21st Century Crisis Committee for MUNE VII. Some of her other passions include having political rants in her social media stories or Twitter, taking photos, writing poetry, listening to rock and reggae mainly in Spanish, and spamming WhatsApp groups with stickers in different languages.

Summer Bushman

Under Secretary General of Committees

Summer Bushman is a junior from Millburn, New Jersey studying Biology and French. She has been participating in MUN since the beginning of the freshman year. She has chaired a joint crisis committee for MUNE and is the treasurer for the Oxford International Relations Association. Outside of MUN, Summer is the president of the Student Activities Committee. She enjoys traveling, doing yoga, and hanging out with her friends.

Calla Mahr

Under Secretary-General of Communications

Calla is a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Psychology. She has traveled to UNCMUNC and is excited to play a leading role in Emory’s first ever high school conference. She is also involved with Goizueta Investment Management Group and Consult Your Community. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends, cooking, and thrift shopping.

Zach Feldman

Under Secretary-General of Operations

Zach Feldman is a sophomore studying business administration and international studies. He lives in Basking Ridge, NJ and has been involved with MUN since his freshman year of high school. He has competed in UNCMUNC and staffed the Italian Reunification Committee at MUNE. Zach is also involved in Emory Student Ambassadors as an official Tour Guide and the Kappa Alpha fraternity. He enjoys exploring Atlanta, sports, and world travel.

Megan Yang

Under Secretary-General of Volunteers and Recruitment

Megan Yang is a junior in the College studying Psychology and Film and Media studies. She was born in Sunnyvale, California but lived in Shanghai, China for 12 years. She has been doing MUN for 6 years. In EIRA, she chaired the Crisis in China committee at MUNE VII and was the Assistant Crisis Director for the Wakanda Forever committee at MUNE VIII. Outside of MUN, Megan is a Digital Ambassador for the Admissions Office and a contributing photographer for the Emory Wheel. She loves watching Wes Anderson films and her guilty pleasure is the Backstreet Boys. Hit her up about Spotify playlists!

Ash Shankar

Emergency Staffer

Ash Meenakumari Shankar is a sophomore at Emory University studying political science and business. He was born in South India but has lived in Boulder, Colorado for most of his life. Ash has been a part of Emory's Model UN Team since freshman year, serving as a co-chair for the Morning Star committee and competing at UNCMUNC. He will also Co-CD a committee at MUNE this year. His roots in MUN start in middle school where he fell in love with the club. Ash is also currently a consulting analyst for the Emory Impact Investing Group and an Advising Fellow for Matriculate. He loves to hike, try new foods, talk politics, and travel.

Christine Zhu

Under Secretary-General of Operations

Christine is a sophomore at Emory University studying Business and considering Women’s and Gender studies. She is from Seattle, WA. Christine she has competed at UNCMUNC and most recently staffed the Wakanda Crisis Committee for MUNE. Other organizations on campus she is involved in are Atlas Consulting Group, Planned Parenthood Generation Action, ActiveMinds, and Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. When she is not attending events, you can find her aggressively supporting Costco and staring lovingly at videos of food and the Try Guys.

Erin Joyce

Emergency Staffer

Erin Joyce is a sophomore from Milton, Georgia studying Environmental Sciences and Spanish. Erin has participated in Model UN since her freshman year of high school. She competed in UNCMUNC last fall and was a staffer for the "Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens" crisis committee at MUNE--Emory's college conference--this spring. Outside of Model UN, Erin is part of Refugee Revive, a student organization that tutors high school students and helps them apply to college, and helps write the Refugee Revive monthly newsletter. Erin's hobbies include spending time with her friends, playing with dogs, and experimenting with makeup.

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