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Committees: Image

Crisis Committees


Prince's Purple Reign

Maya Trujillo

Prince Rogers Nelson was an idol for millions, recognized as His Royal Badness–Prince. The conflicts between his progressive music and the nation’s conservative politics will yield fruitful and dramatic committee sessions. Delegates will begin committee as Prince’s career takes flight. Starting the committee in January 1982, Prince begins recording his album 1999. We have selected this period as it predates some of Prince’s most influential songs: “Little Red Corvette,” “Purple Rain,” “When Doves Cry,” and “Raspberry Beret.” We will encourage delegates to use this opportunity to re-write or completely change some of Prince’s top hits, all the while advancing their own agendas — in this historical crisis committee, delegates will reshape Prince’s legacy. With the hope to emphasize discussion around international policy, weapons containment, civil rights, and self expression, the committee must face the new world they create after the death of the Prince of Funk.


A MUN Murder Mystery

Isabel Brandt

Welcome to the serene ocean town of Bar Harbor, Maine.

You’ve been called there to visit Mr. Alister Strickland, an eccentric old acquaintance, to celebrate his 90th birthday. But instead of being met with a cake and candles, you find yourself facing detectives. Because someone has murdered Alister, and you’re now a prime suspect. 

Delegates are tasked with solving the crime and clearing their names as the committee progresses and evidence is revealed. But the investigators have made one thing clear: The real culprit is among you in the committee room.


Rebuilding a Divided Kingdom - The House of Commons Against the World

Naeman Manhood

This committee will be based on a conference held with the Prime Minister and Leaders of Opposition. Delegates will represent the members of the Parliament, and will be tasked with solving imminent issues like a new voting system, reunification with the European Union, reparations for former colonies, and the Scottish Independence Referendum — all while dealing with timed crises, developing their own crisis arcs and ultimately shaping a new future for the United Kingdom. 


Pacifying the Mojave Makes Me Wish for a Nuclear Winter: The Hoover Dam Conference on the fate of New Vegas

Lanz Jabez C. Victoria

This is a sci-fi/fantasy crisis committee set in the world of the Fallout game series. It takes place immediately following the events of the game Fallout: New Vegas, two centuries after a global nuclear war that caused the fall of civilization in the year 2077. The committee is centered around disputes over control of the city of New Vegas, a city-state built upon the ruins of pre-war Las Vegas, Nevada. 

 Delegates will have to negotiate over the fate of the city, as well as solidify their respective factions’ power. Delegates will have to deal with a number of issues, such as food and water distribution, radiation sickness, plagues, and widespread banditry, in addition to negotiating control of the resources and land around the city.

General Assembly

global mmm.jpeg

The Climate Crisis

Chaeyeon Lim

Heat waves, freezing cold, sinking lands, and natural disasters are no longer regional issues for 2022. The Earth’s temperature has risen more rapidly in the last 50 years than in the past 2,000 years, with our last 7 years being the hottest on record since the 1850s. The hottest countries suffer from extreme cold, and the coldest countries melt with the heat. Countries are now unable to anticipate which consequences and how humans will be threatened. Global warming is not a surprising concept, yet the world has failed to acknowledge the disastrous reality beyond the theoretical box. In this committee, delegates will represent countries of the United Nations to discuss measures to de-escalate the progress of global warming. Delegates will also focus on mitigating the climatic consequences and preventing future outbreaks.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 7.04.27 PM.png

Ukraine v. Russian Federation:
Disarmament and International Security

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Ukraine v. Russian Federation.This committee will be a simulation of the First Committee of the United Nations, Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). DISEC focuses on “global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community”.  It also sets to strengthen international stability by encouraging disarmament. In this simulation, delegates will act as members of DISEC to address the specific topic of the Ukraine v. Russian Federation Conflict, with the aim of maintaining international peace and security.

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