Delegates, AKA advocates, leaders, and game changers,

Last October, Emory University’s International Relations Association (EIRA) hosted the inaugural Emory National Model United Nations Conference (ENMUNC) for high school students. As an incomer to the college and a fresh high school graduate, I was largely impressed by the dedication, preparation, and intellectual discussion that brought warmth to our online environment. I was in awe of the admirable capabilities each one of you possesses, which left me with a truckload of inspiration.

While this year’s conference will be the second of its kind, ENMUNC II is brought to you with many firsts. It will greet unprecedented forum coordination with the United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goals, collaboration with

nation-wide high school conferences, multidisciplinary activities concurring with the conference’s central theme, and most importantly, a platform through which your voices will not only be heard, but amplified to none other than the United Nations.

When you chose to navigate to our website, to swipe through our socials, we listened. We gathered feedback, brainstormed, and joined forces with MUN impact —a global organization that works in tandem with the UN. Whether this conference is held virtually or in person, we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience, one where delegate engagement is optimized through rehearsed active learning strategies. Your bold, witty retorts are highly encouraged, as we rough-edged leaders have put together this conference to learn from your commentary, to embrace your thoughts, to see that your ideas come to life.

It is my honor to invite you to ENMUNC II, and I cannot wait to see where your ideas will take all of us.


Nadine Jarrar

Secretary-General, ENMUNC II

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2021 conference theme and more information coming soon!